Mayor Isko Moreno lectures cops who ignore the illegally parked tricycles near their station: “Ituturo ko sa inyo paano mag trabaho”

Mayor Isko Moreno expressed disappointment to the officers of Manila Police District (MPD) Station 9 for not doing their job in the middle of the night.

Moreno on Monday midnight was roaming around Manila when he noticed a bunch of tricycles illegally parked near the Ospital ng Maynila medical center.

He also saw that some of the owners of the tricycle decided to sleep in the said area, some of them even used it as their bathroom.


The Mayor was very disappointed and angry when he realized that the illegally parked vehicles are only a block away near an MPD-9 station, so he decided to visit the cops assigned in the said area.

“Isang kanto lang sa kanila hindi sila makapag gobyerno, gigisingin ko lang ang mga dugo niyo,” Moreno said.

“Halika ituturo ko sa inyo kung paano mag trabaho, katabi ninyo lang hindi ninyo maayos,” he added.

He became more displeased when he found out that there’s no official supervising the cops at MPD Station 9.


“Eh sino kayong lahat kayo dito puro kayo tolongges?” he told the cops.

The Mayor then accompanied the cops to show the illegally park tricycles near their station.

“Isang bloke lang sa inyo yan pero hindi niyo makita? o wala nalang kayong pakialam? Ang panghi panghi hindi ninyo naamoy?” Moreno told the cops.

Moreno then quickly left the area saying that he would relieve the officers of the said station for not doing their duty.


“Kailangan ko pa bang ituro kung paano nila gagawin yung trabaho nila,” Moreno said.


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