Mayor Isko Moreno tells senators about the problem of Manila: “Kaya hindi ako natututulog dahil alam kong to-tolonggesin ako”

Mayor Isko Moreno told the members of the Senate Committee on Local Government that they should make a law that would penalize village officials and cops for not doing their duty to stop the proliferation of illegal stalls, obstructions, and establishments under their jurisdiction.

According to him, the cause of the problem in Manila is because even the lowest public officials in his city are accepting bribes from illegal vendors, from Barangay captain to police officers.

He believes that the proliferation of illegal vendors is the reason why Manila City became “chaotic”.

Moreno also told the Senators on how the so-called organizers are operating in Manila.

“Una muna yung CAFGU yung mga sibiliyan na mukhang pulis… yung mga sibiliyan na yan ay may baril tapos mag o-organize, kakausapin si chairman, pag ka kausap kay chairman susunod nyan ay police, susunod nyan commander, susunod nyan ahensiya ng government tapos ang susunod ay si Eddie na saka si Patty,” he said.

“So my point is Mr. Chair ay dapat magkaroon po ng basic law na kapag mayroong ganon dapat automatic administratively liable yung Barangay chairman, yung lespu, because if you’re just going to order them, what will happen next is cat and mouse, to-tolonggesin ka lang ng mga tao sa kalye,” he added.

“Kaya di niyo napansin na hindi ako natutulog dahil alam ko na to-tolongessing lang ako eh, alam ko na pagkatulog ko eh ilalatag na ulit nila yan,” 

He also made the Bonifacio monument as an example to describe how Manila has been neglected for so many years, saying that the said park is only meters away from the City Hall but still the past government failed to clean it properly.

Moreno pointed out that his suggestion to punish barangay officials for neglect could help to avoid the building of illegal structures and the proliferation of illegal vendors in the country.

His proposal could also help the Mayors handling big cities like Manila to make their job easier because it would ensure that the barangay officials would do their job.

“It’s a high time to create a law na kung mayroon na nakalagay [na illegal vendor] at na picturan, o bukas ay suspendido na si chairman,” he said.


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