Manila Enforcer praise for enduring the bad weather to continue his job

A member of the Manila Traffic And Parking Bureau has gone viral on Facebook after he decided to continue his job in assisting the motorist despite the harsh weather on Friday.

Netizen Laurice Gel Mariano posted the photo of traffic enforcer identified as Gilbert Bautista while standing in the middle of the road along Taft Avenue, Malate Manila.

“Salute to this traffic officer. Kahit malakas ang ulan at baha, he’s still doing his job,” Gel Mariano said.

The photo received thousands of positive reactions and shares from the netizens.

However, some netizens expressed their concern on the situation of the said traffic enforcer who doesn’t wear any protection against rain.

“Nakakatakot naman yung lagay ni kuya. Sana mag bota siya atleast,” Netizen Ren Lahing said.

“Sana may mga indivual raincoat at boots ang lahat ng MTPB like kuya para in case na may ganitong sitwasyon may magagamit sila. Hirap magkasakit lalo’t sila lang inaasahn ng pamilya nila,” netizen Drexlene Joie Atienza said.

Another netizen Rens Jiro also posted other MTPB enforcers doing their job despite the bad weather.

Moreno who’s also a social media lover saw the photos posted by Mariano and Jiro. He also praised the enforcers for doing their job despite the bad weather.

“Thank you Traffic Enforcer Gilbert Bautista, May God guide and keep you safe!” Mayor Moreno said.

During his weekly “The Capital Report” Moreno expressed his joy after seeing Bautista doing his job very well, promising that he would give the needs of all traffic enforcers in the future.

However, he said that buying new gears for enforcers are easy because they still need to undergo the process of acquisition.


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