Trillanes to teach students at University of the Philippines and Ateneo after being a Senator

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV would spend his brief retirement from politics by teaching the students about public policy at the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

Trillanes, a former soldier, has a master’s degree in Public Administration, Major in Public Policy and Program Management from UP.

Trillanes revealed his plan during an interview on ANC, saying that he has more free time after he finished his career as a Senator for 12 years.

The fierce critic of the Duterte administration also said that he’s also preparing to teach in Ateneo De Manila, but he’s not yet sure on the specific course that he would handle.

“More relaxing life after the Senate and right now, I am preparing for my teaching work this coming semester,” Trillanes said.

“It is in UP [University of the Philippines-Diliman] and Ateneo [de Manila University],” he added.

Despite being retired already, Trillanes didn’t finish the interview without criticizing the Duterte administration, claiming that he never felt any fear on the actions of the President against the opposition.

“Since 2016, when Duterte assumed office, I already had, I think, 10 to 14 cases and counting. Whether I’m a senator or not, it didn’t stop Mr. Duterte from persecuting people like me from the opposition,” Trillanes said.

He believed that the cases filed against the members of the opposition, including Vice President Leni Robredo, is the plan of President Duterte to persecute his critics.

“Everything that’s happening that’s targeting the opposition Duterte would have a blessing, at the very least. And, in some instances, he’s the brains of such moves like when they canceled the amnesty that was given to me,” Trillanes said.

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