Former President of Coca Cola Bottlers PH on Iceland reso against Duterte: “I am not proud to be an Icelander here in the Philippines”

A former President of Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines expressed his disappointment towards Iceland for leading the resolution to investigate the Duterte administration over alleged EJKs.

In a lengthy social media post, Mr. Bæring Olafsson, an Icelander doing businesses in the Philippines told Iceland that President Duterte is only doing his duty to protect the lives of innocent civilians against the dangers of drugs.

He labeled the resolution filed by Iceland in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) as ‘utterly wrong’ saying that other countries should not interfere with the Philippines.

The Icelander businessman believes that not only the Philippines could experience interference from the UNHRC.

Olafsson also told his country about the developments happening in the Philippines under the Duterte administration.

How about trying to understand how much the Philippines has developed forward in the last few years with high economic growth, huge infrastructure projects going on and development of order and peace going on many fronts,” he said.

“There are full democracy and full freedom of speech and activities in all aspects of life in the Philippines and there are no Human Rights issues here at all. The only Human Rights Violations here are the Drug barons and gangs that victimize people at will and President Duterte has taken them on and has more than 80% of the population supporting him in doing so,” he added.

“I am not proud to be an Icelander here in the Philippines today. Personally, I apologize for this misstep of my Country Iceland.” he also said.

Several days ago UNHRC approved the resolution filed by Iceland urging the organization to investigate the Philippines.

As a response, the Philippine government said that they’re seriously considering cutting ties with Iceland.

However, President Duterte is also thinking about Filipino workers in Iceland that might get affected if the Philippines decided to end its friendship with the said European country.


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