Mayor Isko Moreno roams around Andres Bonifacio Park at midnight: “Pwede na kayong mag date!”

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno was seen working even at midnight to check if his staffs followed his orders.

In a Facebook live video, Moreno showed to the netizens how the newly-rehabilitated Andres Bonifacio Park looks during the night.

According to Moreno, he ordered the Engineer department of Manila to beautify the said park, putting Capiz lights in the trees planted around to make the surroundings “more Filipino.”

He even talked to the people who passed by and told them about the improvements in the park.

“Inumaga na kayo.. wala ng t*e,” Moreno told the people who passed by.

“Nakakalakad na ba kayo ng maayos?” the Mayor asked.

The Mayor was glad when the people told him that they’re now confident to walk around the park even at night because of lights that made the place brighter.

When they congratulated the Mayor on making the cleanup operations successful, Moreno clarified that they should thank the employees of the City of Manila instead because they are the ones who work for it.

The Mayor also explored the other parts of the park, saying that people could now hold a date there.

Despite discovering trash during the inspection, Moreno said that they will not stop in cleaning the area which became a bathroom by some people according to him for years.

He urged the visitors of the said park to keep their trash or dispose it properly so they could contribute in the efforts of the government of Manila to clean up the city.

“Hay ang hirap, sa awa naman ng Diyos.. sumaya na kayo okay na.. masaya na rin kami,” Moreno said after seeing the improvements of the park.

Several days ago, Moreno inspected the said park which only several steps away from the City hall.

He called the park before as a “gold mine” and “biggest bathroom” in Manila because of scattered human waste around the area.

Moreno also fired the PCP Commander in Lawton for not taking care of the park.

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