Ang Probinsiyano party-list Rep. meets with the restaurant crew he tries to knockout

The infamous representative of the Ang Probinsiyano, Alfred delos Santos personally visited the restaurant crew that he treated poorly several days ago.

Delos Santos met with his victim Christian Kent Alejo on July 11 to personally apologize for what he committed and also hoping to end the issue that almost costs his political career.

In the photos posted by Tagkaro, it showed the neophyte lawmaker is all smile while Alejo is not showing any emotions during the photo-op.

“I am sorry not only to Mr. Christian Kent Alejo and his family but also to the people who voted for Ang Probinsyano. Sorry for disappointing you,” Delos Santos said.

“I am also sorry to my Ang Probinsyano family and to my peers in Congress for dragging you into this controversy. I know you are all disappointed and I humbly accept whatever decision that you make in relation to my nomination in the party list,” he also said.

“For our constituents, I hope and pray that you will find in your hearts a way to forgive and understand. I have learned my lesson out of this experience and given the chance, I would certainly commit myself to work even harder to advance the cause of our constituents, the probinsyanos,”

As of writing, it’s not yet known if Alejo already agreed to settle the case he filed against the lawmaker.

On July 7, Delos Santos almost landed his hand to Alejo after the congressman expressed his dislike to the latter.

After the incident, Alejo went to report the poor attitude of Delos Santos.

He also refused to settle his complaint against the Congressman despite the advice of some police officers not to challenge the politician.

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