Mayor Isko wants to put solar panels and rainwater collectors in Manila public schools

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is planning to invest in renewable sources of energy to save money and resources, especially during times of crisis.

In an interview, Moreno said he’s planning to put solar panels and rainwater collectors on the rooftops of all public schools in Manila City.

“Nowadays, we’re having challenges with our water in our dams. While it is true na mayroon naman tayong pag-ulan, we are still in below comfortable water level in our dams,” Moreno said in a press briefing.

“Having said that, I am now encouraging the board to come up with environmental projects, programs to harness renewable energies,” he added.

Aside from saving money because the schools are just going to get their energy from renewable resources, Isko also pointed out that the children would also learn how to take care of the environment.

“Subconsciously, we are teaching our children inside educational institutions to care for the environment without saying it because if they are seeing these types of facilities, and it can be done since it’s not even rocket science, they will know how to care for the environment,” Domagoso told reporters after the board meeting.

“When they would be given the opportunity in the future, they will do the same kapag malalaki na sila,” he added.

Aside from improving the energy sources of his city, Mayor Isko also bared his plan to give allowances and food to students as part of his nutrition program.

The Mayor said that he’s still looking for funds so he might not implement the said program this year.

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