Mayor Isko Moreno orders to remove all politicians name from all Manila City schools and other public places: “Bawal ang epal. Tigilan na natin ‘yan!”

Mayor Isko Moreno said that he would not allow “epal” politics to prevail in his city.

On Tuesday, Moreno said that he ordered during the meeting of the City School Board that all public schools around Manila should remove the names and portrait of any politicians.

According to him, he wanted to distance the students from traditional politicking.

He also said that he would remove politicians name in the public places of Manila.

“Huwag natin pulitikahin ang ating mga paaralan. Let’s leave politics to politicians, and our educational institutions to academicians,” Domagoso told members of the City School Board.

“Walang epal sa pader ng eskwelahan. Walang epal sa mga basketball court, gymnasium na pinagawa ng mga pulitiko sa loob ng eskwelahan. Bawal ang epal. Tigilan na natin ‘yan,” he added.

Moreno said that no politician is exempted from his order, even himself.

“Pinatatanggal ko lahat ng pangalan, ultimo ang pangalan ko at pangalan ng mga pulitiko, na nakapintura o nakakabit sa mga eskwelahan,” the new Manila Mayor told reporters.

“Lahat ng mga naglalagay na pulitiko ng kanilang mga pangalan as if you are immortalizing yourself or as if it is your money, that is not your money. Pera yan ng taumbayan,” he added.

Moreno’s order has been praised by the netizens.

“I am not from Manila, but I really appreciate your good work for the city. Keep it up and all the best. GOD bless!” Haydee Roque said.

” I salute you..Aming butihing Ama ng Maynila Mayor Isko Moreno..May God bless you in all ways” Zenaida De Castro remarked.

The Manila Mayor’s order is almost the same with President Rodrigo Duterte’s style during his leadership in Davao City, disallowing any politicians name in government-owned properties.

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