Matteo Guidicelli to netizens who mock AFP and question his decision to side with military: “I suggest you just stop talking”

Actor and military reservist Matteo Guidicelli has a short response to a netizen who mocked the Armed Forces of the Philippines and called it the “least patriotic organizations” in the country.

In his social media post, Guidicelli challenged the people, especially his colleagues in show business to unite instead of being busy debating about different issues.

“Salute to the flag, salute to our beautiful country! We challenge YOU, especially our colleagues in the showbiz industry. Instead of talking smack about different issues, why not unite so we may progress to make a better tomorrow. What do you think?” Guidicelli said.


However, several netizens, including Laurence Castillo didn’t like what the actor posted on his social media account and even mocked the Armed Forces.

According to Castillo, AFP is prioritizing the rich people than normal citizens.

“Lol, you allied with the AFP which is probably one of the least patriotic organizations in the country. It’s more concerned with defending foreign capitalists and big businesses (e.g mining) than safeguarding the people’s welfare.” Castillo said.

As a response, Guidicelli urged Castillo just to keep silence.


“I suggest you just stop talking. Thanks.” the actor told the netizen.

Netizens @jelemape08 and @mvrcxvs also questions Guidicelli’s decision to side with the military, saying that the army ruined the lives of the minority and the actor’s military training doesn’t mean that he’s already aware with the real problems of the country.


Guidicelli also responded to the netizens who engaged with him into a debate.

“True, that patriotism comes in different forms. Totally agree. Their are a lot of issues and problems we are facing. That’s a fact. It’s also a fact that our neighboring countries have a very strong military because it is mandatory. We should do the same. Are you afraid?” he said.

The actor graduated as a reservist last June 27 and even met President Duterte last week.

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