Leah Navarro questions free MRT-3, LRT-2 and PNR ride for students: “Bakit kailangan pa ng new IDs?”

While many netizens are rejoicing over the “Student Free Ride” for MRT-3, LRT-2, and PNR, several critics of the current administration expressed their doubt in the said plan program.

Filipino Singer Leah Navarro is one of the critics of the government who made a different response over the announcement of Department of Transportation (DOTr) that the students starting next month could save P50 a day under their new program.

Navarro questioned why the students still need to acquire a new ID while they already have a student ID to show to prove that they’re studying.

She added that the government could not be trusted because of honesty issues.

“Huh? Why bother with new IDs when students already have school IDs? How much is DOTr paying for these new IDs? This gov’t isn’t known for its honesty.” Navarro said.

Several netizens also complained about the new ID being asked by the government for the free ride.

“ID na naman!” @nappynanny said.

“the kid’s student ID should be enough – this gov is so fond of extra IDS, it’s sh*tty redtapey service,” @xpeanutgalleryx said.

According to DOTr, the students for the first stage of the free ride program only need to present their school IDs. However, in the upcoming months, they need to have a Student Free Ride I.D that they could acquire by applying online or visiting a Malasakit Center Desk located at train stations.

According to the presentation by DOTr, Student Free Ride I.D will show the name of the student, name of the school, student number, control number, and grade level.

They didn’t give specific details if the students need to renew the ID.

The revenue loss expected by the government to implement the said program could amount P130-M a year.




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