Sen. Bato willing to help KAPA members: “Let me talk to your founder Pastor Apolinario”

Senator-elect Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa said that he’s willing to help the members of KAPA Community Ministry International.

On his Facebook post, Dela Rosa said that he already talked to President Rodrigo Duterte personally to relayed the stories of some members having concerns because of the money that they previously invested to the religious group founded by Pastor Joel Apolinario.

Bato expressed his willingness to talk to Pastor Apolinario so he could send the message of President to him and fix the things about KAPA.

Several weeks ago, KAPA issue became the headline of several media networks after President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the closure of the said religious group.

“Sa mga miembro sa Kapa nga nangayo ug tabang nga ipaabot nako kang Pres Duterte ang inyong kaguol ako na syang nastorya,” Bato said.

(To all members of KAPA, don’t worry I already talked to President Duterte about your stories, and that I’m also saddened by what happened to some of you).

“Tabangi ko ninyo nga makastorya si Pastor Apolinario para maipaabot nako sa iyaha ang gusto ni PRRD. Tabangi ko ninyo nga matabangan ta mo,” he added.

(Please help me so I can talk to Pastor Apolinario, so I can relay the message of President Duterte to him. You help me, I’ll help you)

Apolinario is not yet responding to Bato’s request as of writing.

KAPA was questioned because of offering 30% investment rates to its members “donations.”

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also ordered to freeze P100-M assets owned by Apolinario.

Meanwhile, several members of KAPA organized a prayer rally to convince President Duterte to allow their religious group to cooperate.

KAPA members also claimed that they made Imee Marcos, Christopher Bong Go, and Dela Rosa won the senatorial elections, boasting that they got 5-M members.

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