DPWH soon to award OPS for P5.5-B Boracay Bridge

The Department of Public Works and Highways said that they’re soon to finish the evaluation of the P5.5-B Boracay bridge which aims to connect the famous island to Panay.

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is seen to be granted approval to start the project. Once the original proponent status (OPS) already finalized, DPWH would bring it to NEDA to get its final approval.

We’re still finalizing the OPS. We are still processing it. We can expect the OPS definitely soon,” DPWH Secretary Mark Villar said.

According to the project description, Boracay Bridge aims to:

1: To provide a reliable transportation means to Panay Island from Boracay Island which is optimized for the transportation using a bridge rather than ferries.

2: To provide a safe evacuation route for the people from Boracay Island when Typhoon approaches the island.

3: To prevent the sea and the land from being polluted by sewage water and preserve the environment of Boracay by moving out wastes as soon as they are generated To transport the waste generated in Boracay Island to Panay Island and supply water to Boracay Island through a water supply pipeline to be constructed on the proposed bridge.

4: To supply power and telecommunication through their pipelines to be constructed on the proposed bridge.

Boracay is expected to attract more tourist after President Rodrigo Duterte successfully rehabilitated the said island.

Some people who supported the proposed project said that the Boracay Bridge will also decongest the main island.

Currently, people need to access Boracay by boat and they need to pay 100 pesos for a terminal fee plus 25 pesos for the boat fare.




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