Netizen spotted Doris Bigornia while allegedly smoking in public

A netizen claimed that he spotted a well-known journalist while violating the Executive Number 28, also known as Nationwide smoking ban imposed by President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a post, netizen Renato S. Lugto Jr. posted the photos of journalist Doris Bigornia while allegedly having a smoking break.

Lugto expressed his disappointment that even well-known people like Bigornia doesn’t respect the order of the President.

“Para sa mga experto dyn nasa sport complex po si doris sa mga oras na yan,” Lugto said.


Meanwhile, the supporters of Doris Bigornia swarmed the profile of Lugto and said that the uploader only edited the photo to destroy the reputation of the journalist.

According to the supporters of the journalist, it seems that Bigornia got six fingers in his left hand.

However, Lugto said that the people should widen their eyes and look carefully on the second picture he posted.


“Para sa mga nagmamagaling na experto sa pagtingin sa larawan hindi po edited yan palad po un naaaninag nyo na parang daliri tignan po mabuti.” Lugto said.

Lugto also said that he would do everything to prove that the photo was legitimate and not edited as his critics claimed.

Bigornia is not yet speaking on the accusations of Lugto.

Lugto is a known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte.


According to Executive Order No. 26, people are prohibited to smoke in the following places:

Government buildings
Schools, colleges and universities
Offices and other workplaces
Restaurants and other food and drink establishments
Hotels and other accommodation facilities
Hospitals, health centers, clinics, and nursing homes
Transportation terminals
Shopping centers, retail stores, and other merchandise establishments
Entertainment establishments
Sports venues
Other establishments that provide professional services


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