Mayor Inday Sara Duterte finally speaks about KAPA Issue

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte denied the claims of KAPA Community Ministry International founder Pastor Apolinario that she approved the said religious group to continue their operations.

In a speech, Inday Sara discussed KAPA in Visayan language, saying that the members might have a hard time to get their money because its members are using the term “donate” while in reality, they’re investing money to the said religious group.

“Ang sabi ni Pastor Apolinario, Hindi niya na maibabalik ang pera dahil pumirma raw ang mga miyembro nito bilang isang donasyon  o love gift.” Inday Sara told the audience.


She also told her audience to research about Ponzi Scheme.

The said scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for early investors by acquiring new investors.

According to Inday Sara, Apolinario is having an advantage in the issue because he believes that no members of KAPA would file charges against him.


However, she said that they might be a chance for some members to get their money if they’re going to act early.

“Kung interesado kayong mag file ng complaint, punta kayo ng NBI, i-file mo na gusto mo ng maibalik ang pera mo,” she said.

Several weeks ago, the government ordered to close down KAPA after they found that many people were lured by Apolinario’s promise that his religious group would return 30% monthly in their every investment.


Meanwhile, several KAPA members said that they’re going to avoid supporting the Duterte family in the next election and would prefer to push for Apolinario to run for the presidency.

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