Government gives fiber glass banca to 22 crew of the boat that rammed by Chinese Vessel

While the captain of the F/B Gem-Ver kept saying that President Rodrigo Duterte already abandoned them, the government on Wednesday made a way to help the 22 fishermen who got involved in the “hit-and-run” incident happened last week in the West Philippine Sea.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) sent 11 Fiberglass boats with marine diesel engine, fishing equipment, and groceries to the fishermen who led by Captain Junel Insigne.

In the photo posted by government-owned media network PTV, it showed the gifts being presented to the public to show that they’re not abandoning the 22 fishermen.

Aside from the said items being given to the fishermen, the government also vowed to do more assistance to them.

The gifts were sent two days after Insigne refused to meet the President, saying that they assumed that Duterte already abandoned them.

On Monday, President Rodrigo Duterte and Captain Insigne to were scheduled to meet in Malacanang, however, the latter refused to talk to the Chief Executive because of being “traumatized”.

On the same day, Insigne met with the representatives of the Office of the Vice President (OVP).

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