Blogger to Junel Insigne after declining to meet the President: “Bakit ayaw mo ma meet? Kasi fiscal at abugado na marunong kumilatis?”

A blogger made a letter addressed to the captain of the boat which allegedly rammed by a Chinese Vessel on June 12, questioning why the latter suddenly became afraid of meeting the President of the Philippines.

In a lengthy post, blogger Krizette Laureta Chu was wondering why Insigne decided not to face the President despite being vocal in front of the local media about the incident.

She urged Insigne not to waste his right and the chance to meet the President personally so they could explain the whole story to the government.

Chu even made a sarcastic statement, saying that the President should face a big issue before his State of the Nation Address on July 22.

“I mean, dapat may malaking issue na pasan ang Presidente sa SONA nya para ma reduce ang accomplishments nya. Ang ganda nga ng timing eh,” Chu said.

“Dapat hindi ganon Kuya! Yung mga atat na atat ipagsabong ang PH at China will be so disappointed umatras ka! Tsk tsk tsk!” she added.

In an extension of her post, Laureta Chu asked Insigne if he’s afraid of meeting the President because Duterte is a fiscal and could find out if they’re lying or not.

“Si Duterte pa eh pag na feel nya na Talagang inapi ka baka bigyan ka pa ng own fishing boat… bigyan ka ng kung ano ano, May scholarship pa ang anak mo… BAT AYAW MO MA MEET? Kasi fiscal at abugado na marunong kumilatis?” she said.

Chu even said that if the opposition members are handling Insigne, the President should make a move and let the 22 fishermen including their captain to be exposed not only in the local scene but also internationally.

“Nakikita ko na to. They’re planning small incidents throughout the three years that will rock the President’s base supporters.” she said.

“They will assault the poorest of the poor, those who have no social media like fishermen, who will think that the President doesn’t stand up for their rights, and who will not know the real truth. All they need to do is push the stereotype that Duterte is a tuta of China and will not protect his own citizens and they will actually have a fighting chance to win 2022,” she added.

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