Radio announcer criticizes Bianca Gonzales for joining WPS issue: “Pero nung panahon ni Aquino tameme ka!”

The issue happened in the West Philippine Sea on Wednesday after a Chinese Vessel allegedly sunk a boat full of Filipino fishermen captured the attention by netizens and also famous personalities.

One of the known celebrities who expressed their sympathy to the Filipino fishermen is Bianca Gonzales who said that incident broke her heart.

“The more details that come out from the Pinoy fishermen and China boat incident, mas lalo nakakadurog ng puso.,” Gonzales said in her post.

The post of Gonzales gathered thousands of likes and a mixed reaction from the netizens, including Mark Lopez who told the celebrity that there’s a far more worse incident happened in 2012 in the West Philippine Sea which also involved Chinese and Filipino.

In his tweet, Lopez told Gonzales that in 2012, a Filipino fishermen’s life was loss after an alleged Chinese vessel bumped their boat.

However, in the report posted by Lopez, it said that the Aquino administration didn’t accuse China for what happened to the Filipino fisherman.

Lopez pointed out that Gonzales didn’t make some noise on her Twitter account during the Aquino administration despite what happened in 2012 are worse according to his belief.

“Eh di nung 2012 pala wasak na wasak ang puso mo dahil may nasawing Pilipino nuon? Naglupasay ka ba sa harap ng Malacanang nuon at nag inarte din?” Lopez said.

Lopez even said that Gonzales is only pretending to be “patriotic”.



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