Canadian trash in Philippines to be ship back to Canada tomorrow

Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary and current officer-in-charge of the executive department Menardo Guevarra confirmed that the garbage shipped by Canada to the Philippines between 2013-2014 would be brought back to its origin tomorrow.

According to Guevarra, the shipment would be shouldered by the Canadian government and it would cost them P10-M.

Three shipping companies were hired by the Canadian government to more than 100 containers of garbage back to Canada.

The discussion about the Canadian trash has been revived by President Rodrigo Duterte itself and even said that he’s ready to go war with Canada if they insisted to keep their garbage in the Philippines.

“Your garbage is on its way, prepare a grand reception, eat it if you want to,” President Duterte said.

The government gave a deadline to Canada to ship back their trash on May 15, 2019, however, it was not fulfilled, so the current administration ordered to recall their envoys in Ottawa.

On May 22, Duterte made a move by ordering the government to ship back the Canadian Trash to its origin even if his government need to pay for it.


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