Senator-elect Bato Dela Rosa mocks his online critic: “Kainin mo yung throat mo Dong!”

Senator-elect Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa made a score to his online critic yesterday after Peter Joemel Advincula backtracked to his previous statements against President Rodrigo Duterte and its allies.

On Thursday, Dela Rosa shared a live stream video of Bikoy’s press conference at Camp Crame covered by CNN Philippines and even tagged a certain “Guy Camacho” in his post, asking what happened.

It seems that Bato mocked Camacho who’s previously defending Advincula several weeks ago.

“Mr. Guy Camacho, what now, sir? Yung patruth hurts truth hurts dyan kainin mo yung throat mo dong!” Dela Rosa wrote.

Camacho is known for posting memes to poke fun about Bato.

Last year, Camacho made a post against Bato in “TheLongGrayLine” Facebook group where the members are mostly alumnus of the Philippine Military Academy and part of the AFP.

It seems that Camacho who’s also a graduate of PMA is well-known in the said group.

When Bikoy first revealed himself in the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Camacho also criticized Senator Panfilo Lacson and accused the latter of “demolishing Bikoy’s credibility”.

“Similar to what Ping did to Edgar Matobato and former SPO3 Arthur Lascanas, I can see that Ping is already discrediting Bikoy even before he is given the light of day so that the public can also hear the entire story and evaluate his evidence.” Guy Camacho wrote in SEN TRILLANES POWER Facebook group.

However, like the other critics of the government, Camacho is also now doubting the credibility of Advincula.

“Could it be that Bikoy’s truth is priced by the highest bidder? Never mind the dreadful consequence if Bikoy sells his truth to the wrong buyer.” Guy Camacho said.

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