Foreign Affairs Secretary Locsin willing to help Filipinos who want to live in another country because of the election results

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Teddy Locsin said that he’s willing to help Filipinos who wanted to live in another country after the result of the 2019 senatorial election didn’t favor them.

In a tweet, Locsin shared Rappler CEO’s Maria Ressa’s post on how many people are talking about “migrating” as the election results are started to appear.

As a response, Locsin said that he’s willing to make the migrating process faster as part of their job.

“[Department of Labor and Employment Secretary] Bebot Bello and I will help. It’s our job. We will expedite.” Locsin said in his tweet.

Followers of Locsin also shared their comments, saying that Filipinos who decided to migrate could help the Philippines to depopulate and a solution to EDSA traffic.

We looked at the trends on Google, showing that the search results in the word “Migrating” suddenly increased.

We also looked on Twitter if some users there really wanted to migrate after they saw the results of the elections.

However, some netizens also said that migrating would not solve the problem of the country.

“If you want to migrate bc election results, you are part of the problem,” @klawklawklaw said.

“It’s so easy to decide to migrate to another country especially with the results of the midterm elections. BUT we should continue to fight the good fight and stay because we can only hope to effect change where we are rooted. May our love for our country never waver.” @diannalouise said.

“STOP letting the ?? progress be DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT. And maybe do your part in the next elections by REGISTERING, VOTING and EDUCATING YOURSELF on who to vote. The Youth will rule the 2022 Elections.” @abbahootDemetri said.

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