Two Church lay leaders caught for being involve in vote buying

Despite the warnings of the government against people who are gonna attempt to buy the votes of the people, two Lay Leaders of the Catholic Church in North Cotabato was caught being involved in vote buying Yesterday.

The suspects were identified as Sonny Dafielmoto Pasquin, 55, and Joel Forden Bolero, 54, both of Barangay New Rizal, Mlang town.

The two others, a man and a woman, were identified as residents of Carmen, the hometown of incumbent North Cotabato Governor Emmylou Talino Mendoza, who is running for Vice Governor, where her father, who is running for Governor, is the incumbent Mayor.

They were identified as Mateo Cabrillos Cuateros, 52, and Christine Punzalan Esparagoza, 33, both of Barangay Poblacion, Carmen town.

According to the police report, the alleged vote-buying happened in Barangay New Kalibo.

The suspects were also uncooperative with the authorities during the first two hours of the confrontation, insisting that they’re not going to open the white pick-up truck that they’re using.

They only opened the pick-up truck when a lawyer representing Governor Emmylou Talino-Mendoza and a personal staff of Governor Jessie Enid arrived from the scene.

After opening the truck, the authorities discovered 206,600 pesos in cash with a list of names of the voters who received the money.

Also seized by the police was a white Strada pick-up truck with plate number LGM 741.

Lawyers from PDP Laban Party are now preparing charges against those believed involved in the vote-buying operations.

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