Netizen narrates how Duterte humbly responds to her daughter after she asks the President if he’s the “King” of the Philippines

A netizen narrated her meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte two months ago during the wake of her father.

In a lengthy post, Dr. Sharon Mae Atienza told her friends and the other social media users how tight is the security in their chapel during President Duterte’s visit that the Presidential Security Group (PSG) asked them to go outside first so they can check if the place is safe for the President.

President Duterte arrived at the chapel after the PSG checked the area, and the chief executive was welcomed by Atienza and her family, including her daughter Sofi who didn’t hesitate to ask a simple but striking question to the former Davao City Mayor.

“Are you the king?” Sofi asked the President.

As a response, the President told Sofi that he’s not a King and just working for the government like her late grandfather.

“No… I am just a government worker. Just like your Lolo.” Duterte told Sofi.

The conversation between Sofi and the President touched Dr. Atienza, saying that despite the imperfections of the President, he didn’t think that he’s a big person and just doing his job as a government official.

“Yes, just a government worker. A government worker who tells bad jokes, a government worker who, since the day he sat on that damned presidential seat, was belittled by the elitists and hypocrites because he is probinsyano, a government worker who was heavily criticized for his fight against drugs, a government worker that they would fight tooth and nail to unseat.  But he gets the job done. He delivers. Enough said. This is not a political post. He is, after all, not gunning for one.” Atienza said in her post.

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