Ogie Alcasid challenges Ben Tulfo who criticizes his wife Regine a man-to-man: Just focus on me, she is after all a lady

The exchange of tweets between Asia’s Song Bird Regine Velasquez and Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Sec. Teddy Locsin already resulted in other rifts between famous personalities.

Now, even Velasquez’ husband, Ogie Alcasid already joined the issue after journalist Ben Tulfo criticized his wife for her comments about the West Philippine Sea Issue.

On April 21, Tulfo criticized Velasquez asking if she’s even knowledgable enough to debate with the Foreign Affairs Secretary about the disputes in the West Philippine Sea.

“Ang mensahe ko sa ‘yo, Regine Velasquez, next time you open your mouth, think. Make sure na may laman ang utak mo. Make sure alam mo yung isyu and you can talk about it. Hindi mo ito balwarte. Yung kaalaman mo, itago mo na lang.” Tulfo said.

“Ano bang alam nitong si Regine Velasquez other than kumanta lamang, kung di man career na medyo dwindling down. And so, speaking up like may alam pag dating sa foreign relations or foreign affairs ang isang entertainer,” he added.

He believed that Velasquez is only trying to be relevant and trying to join the issue where she’s not really relatable enough.

Two days after Tulfo posted the video message to Regine, Ogie Alcasid came to help his wife over the issue, asking the journalist not to criticize his wife because she’s “a lady”.

“Sir @bitagbentulfo . I offer my cheek to you. After you have maligned my wife I ask that you focus on me. She is after all a lady. God bless you sir.” Alcasid said.

In response, Ben Tulfo itself told Ogie Alcasid that he doesn’t really mean to hurt anybody and he’s just expressing his opinion on social media.

He also insisted that Velasquez should not join discussions over serious issues like WPS dispute.

“I am not here to hurt anyone. I am talking with sincerity and truthfulness. this is a serious issue. Tell your wife to focus on her career. Please, not Foreign relations and issues. I do respect you and your wife.” Tulfo said.

Alcasid also responded positively on the tweet of Tulfo.

“Thank you for your reply and your sincere advice. I respect your view on these matters also. God bless always.” he said.

While several netizens are disappointed when Alcasid quickly ended the issue between him and Tulfo, he explained that it’s better to end it because the journalist already pulled his fists.

“When you get a little older you shall see the wisdom. God bless,” he told one of his followers.

“I am assuming that you equate being brave as fighting brashness with brashness. The man pulled his punches. So I pulled mine. Pls, do not insult me.” Alcasid told another fan.

He also urged his fans to relax and avoid negativity on social media.

“Hmmm… so much noise in the feed. Let’s take a minute again. Breath in and breath out peace… and love. Peaceful night.” he said before signing off on Twitter.

The issue started on April 16, 2019, when Locsin downplayed the poaching of clams committed by some Chinese fishermen around Panatag Shoal.

“Ang akala ko pa naman matalino ka. Ako ay simpling tao lamang na may simpleng pagiisip. These people are invading our territory they are not just taking food sinistral nila ang ating karagatan!!!!” Velasquez told Locsin.

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