Leah Navarro thinks that Duterte is under performing as President: “Kung di tulog, nawawawala!”

Singer Leah Navarro believed that President Rodrigo Duterte is not doing his best to do his role as the chief executive of the country.

In her tweet, Navarro made another message against the President by calling her ‘overpaid’ and ‘underworked’.

She tweeted it after Malacanang said that Duterte is in Davao City during the time when the magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit Manila and several provinces in Luzon.

“Hahahaha mas bagay na “under-worked” at “overpaid” si Duterte! Kung di tulog, nawawala, o high na high dahil sa Fentanyl.” Navarro said.

Several of her followers backed her statements against the President.

“I’d agree that Duterte is “overworked” if that term only exclusively applies to his mouth that never ceases to spew dirt. If it includes his whole persona as one rotten helluva President, that would be unfair. The rest of his system, from his brain down to his toe, they’re frigid.” Jed Cepe said.

Hours after she posted the tweet, President Rodrigo Duterte arrived in Pampanga to personally check the situation of the provinces and the victims.

Navarro is one of the celebrity critics of President Duterte and a known supporter of the opposition.


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