Sen. Villar if she given a chance to be a VP: “Kung ako ang VP, if I cannot follow my President I’ll just keep quiet”

Re-electionst Senator Cynthia Villar said that she would avoid criticizing the President of the Philippines if someday she’d be given a chance to get the second highest position in the government.

During an interview, Karen Davila asked Villar if she’s really planning to run for a higher position in 2022, however, she said that getting the Vice Presidential post is part of a politician’s destiny and cannot be plan ahead.

She also believed that the Vice President should not criticize its President because criticizing your leader can make you unpopular in politics.

“Maski na iyun, pareho din yun (with running for president), mahirap pa yung Vice President you make sure that you can follow your President or else you’re in a mess,” said Villar.

“Ako kasi kung ako ang Vice President if I cannot follow my President I’ll just keep quiet. You know there’s a study na pag ikaw ay Vice President palagi mong inaaway ang President nagiging unpopular ka,” she added.

Villar denied that she’s giving indirect suggestions to Vice President Leni Robredo who’s a known critic of President Rodrigo Duterte.

She also expressed her support in the proposal where the winning presidential and vice presidential candidate would win as a tandem to avoid long-time conflicts while they’re in their position.

According to Villar, her beliefs came from her experience as a local politician before.

The lady senator is one of the possible winners of the 2019 senatorial elections, getting good rankings in several surveys.

Villar is getting support from PDP-Laban and Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP) which are both pro-government political parties.



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