Regine Velasquez to Teddy Locsin: Akala ko pa naman matalino ka, China is invading our territory!

Asia’s Song Bird Regine Velasquez broke her silence over the territorial dispute in Scarborough Shoal between the Philippines and China.

On April 16, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. posted a tweet about his action against the Chinese who caught poaching giant clams in Zambales.

Locsin said that they’re going to probe the poaching, however, he said that no countries wanted to wage war for clams.

“I am not going down in history as a clam defender, okay? It’s a complaint; we’re looking into it, but these are just food; no one goes to war for clams (maybe Oysters of Locquemariaquer) but they just happen to be OUR food. They should pay for them like in the fish market.” Locsin tweeted.

Velasquez, who saw the tweet of Locsin couldn’t stop herself from commenting saying that her expectations to the foreign secretary had been broken.

According to her, Locsin should be serious in what’s happening because the poaching happened in Zambales is already considered an invasion of the Chinese.

“Ang akala ko pa naman matalino ka. Ako ay simpling tao lamang na may simpleng pagiisip. These people are invading our territory they are not just taking food sinistral nila ang ating karagatan!!!!” Velasquez told Locsin.

In response, Locsin said that the West Philippine Sea is still not considered as a territory of the Philippines, but only an exclusive economic zone.

One netizen also told Regine to buy a dictionary and look for the meaning of invasion which the singer quickly replied.

“TRESPASS, ENCROACH, INFRINGE, INVADE mean to make inroads upon the property, territory, or rights of another. TRESPASS implies an unwarranted or unlawful intrusion. hunters trespassing on farmland ENCROACH suggests gradual or stealthy entrance upon another’s territory,” Velasquez said.

“or usurpation of another’s rights or possessions. the encroaching settlers displacing the native peoples INFRINGE implies an encroachment clearly violating a right or prerogative. infringing a copyright INVADE,” she added.

“INVADE implies a hostile and injurious entry into the territory or sphere of another. accused of invading their privacy,”

Alcasid didn’t respond anymore to the other comments of the netizen and her last tweet about the issue is when she shared a post from #ChinaLayas Twitter account.

Meanwhile, several pro-Duterte bloggers gave their opinions over Regine’s statement, saying that they love Asia’s songbird as an artist, but not as a political analyst.

“Love Regine as a singer, not so as a political analyst.” Jan Writer said.

Sass Rogando Sasot also asked Regine if she’s also going to give her opinion on the Philippines’ claim over Sabah.

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