Roxas camp realizes something during the campaign: The more you criticize Duterte, the lower you go

The campaign team of Mar Roxas shared that they’re using a different approach on how they will win the 2019 senatorial elections.

According to Caloocan Representative Edgar Erice, campaign manager of Roxas, they said that they’re avoiding to publicly criticize President Rodrigo Duterte unlike the other bets of Otso Diretso.

Erice said that they’re making a way to show that they’re still part of the opposition without mentioning President Duterte’s name directly by talking on “specific policies.”

He said that they’re doing it because Duterte’s popularity made his critics go down.

“I agree with most of them, but surveys show that all those who hit him are down. The harder you hit him, the lower you go.” Erice said.

The camp of Roxas cited what happened to Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano who’s openly criticizing the President, according to them, despite the popularity of the former Navy Officer, he’s performing poorly on the senatorial election survey.

In some surveys, all the candidates of Otso-Diretso didn’t reach the Magic 12 even Roxas who became the closest rival of Duterte in the last presidential elections.

Unlike in 2016 where Roxas was openly criticizing Duterte, now he’s not releasing statements about the President and only doing campaign silently.

Meanwhile, President Duterte is still publicly criticizing the opposition bets including Roxas in some of his speeches.



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