Duterte claims that Hilbay is a closet and just using Agot to cover his gender identity: “Be true to yourself. You’re gay”

President Rodrigo Duterte in a speech in Bukidnon claimed that his gaydar sensed that Otso Diretso senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay is hiding his real gender identity by using the actress Agot Isidro.

Duterte told Hilbay that the latter should not be embarrassed by his gender identity which already reached to the point that he’s already using a pretty actress like Agot to cover it.

“Florin Hilbay is a lawyer. But he’s gay. His girlfriend is Igot Isidro. They’re always together. Agot rather, not Igot. Do you think he’s gay?I don’t have a problem with gays, but this particular gay is a… They always criticize me, Hilbay and Agot, until they ended up being a couple. Because they’re always together,” Duterte said.


“He acts like a man and pretends that Agot is his girlfriend. Be true to yourself. You’re gay. Don’t hide behind a cover. You were made by God. God made a mistake. Just because he’s a God does not mean he is incapable of making mistakes,” he added.

The President also admitted that he’s also part of the LGBT community before and he said that everyone deserves to be happy.

“I was once gay. Am I straight or gay? So what if I’m gay? What is it to them? My — it’s my life. I deserve to be happy. Why stop the gays when they’re made by the government — God? It’s already God’s problem why he made gays. Why would we make fun of the gays? Insult them and not accept them at… Yeah,” he said.

In his speech yesterday in Tuguegarao, he also said the same thing about Hilbay.


“Naging solicitor general wala namang gawa, pinuno ang opisina niya ng mga bakla,” Duterte said referring to Hilbay who’s a former Solicitor General.

He also asked the audience to guess the gender identity of his critic Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV who’s also part of the Magdalo.

Duterte, during his days as Mayor of Davao City, passed an ordinance in favor of the LGBT community.


In 2017, he also bared his plan to make a commission for LGBT.


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