Elizabeth Oropesa to Agot Isidro: “May i ask you, what have you done to help this country?”

Another post from the past has gone viral on the internet.

Actress Elizabeth Oropesa made an open letter to her showbiz colleague Agot Isidro in 2016 after the latter called President Rodrigo Duterte a ‘psychopath.’ in one of her social media posts.

The open letter was recirculated on the internet for the second time three years after it was first uploaded.

In her open letter, Oropesa criticized Isidro for disrespecting the President, asking her if she did better for the country than Duterte.

According to her, Isidro should focus on helping other people and avoid creating noises on the internet by criticizing the President.

“Elizabeth Oropesa To Agot Isidro, I am also one of those 16 million DUTERTARD and supporting a psychopath President as of how you disrespectfully describes him! You may call the President whatever you want, but you can never deny what he had done in just 100 days. May I ask you, what have you done to help this country? Have you even at least donate some of your wealth to help the poor??? Why not share and help instead of making nonsense noise.” she said.

The veteran actress also called Isidro ‘small-minded’ because of her mentality that the Philippines will be going to suffer forever as a third world country.

She suggested that if she doesn’t want to live in a developing country, Isidro can leave whenever she wanted, but if the latter chose to stay in the Philippines, it’s better for her to keep silent.

“I’ve seen you as a well-educated and sophisticated woman but just now I came to know how small-minded you are. If you always regard your country as a ‘3rd world country’ then you will forever be in a rut because of your mentality. And I’m sure, you never and will never experience hunger all your life. I admire more those ordinary people who, despite being poor, are fighting for their country’s independence against foreign nations. Why don’t you leave the country and go somewhere else, not in a 3rd world country, you are free to do that! But if you don’t have plans to leave, then do your country a favor, Shut up!” Oropesa wrote.

“Keep yourself away from the dirty world of politics. Focus in showbiz. Though I know you are entitled to your own opinion, but then, if you don’t have anything constructive to say, again, please keep quiet. The best thing you can do is pray for your country and our leaders that they may be able to deliver what they need to do for the common good of the people.” she added.

Oropesa also hoped that Isidro is not included in the suspected celebrities who are involved in illegal drugs.

Three years after the post was wrote, Oropesa is still a pro-Duterte while Isidro is still supporting the movement of the opposition.

Isidro is now the girlfriend of Otso Diretso senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay.

As of writing, the post already reached 100,000 reactions and 56,000 shares on Facebook.

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