“Sosyal!”Taguig City opens Center for the Elderly with Jacuzzi,Massage and ballroom

Taguig City finally opened on Monday the Center for the Elderly which will provide wellness activities for their senior citizens.

Each floor of the five-storey building consisted of different features to improve the health of the elderly who wanted to visit the said wellness hub.


The first floor provides a therapy pool for muscle relaxation and increases peripheral circulation, improved balance, strength, and flexibility. A clinic, pantry, conference room and PWD-friendly restrooms can also be found on the same level.

Two sauna rooms, ballroom, and a gym can be found on the second floor.

The third and fourth floor is designed as a multipurpose hall for events and can also be used as a venue for board games to entertain the elderly.


Meanwhile, the fifth floor provides a Cinema with comfortable chairs, when you go outside the room it will lead you to a rooftop garden.

The whole building was designed to make it easy for senior citizens, even with wheelchairs to roam around the area.


There’s also City buses and coasters to transport senior citizens for free to the building.

“They deserve our respect and gratitude. We are merely giving them back what they truly deserve,” Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano said.

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