Singer Leah Navarro wants the people who spread Jim Paredes video to be charged: “You violated his privacy!”

Artist Jim Paredes got support from his friend on social media several hours after he admitted that he’s the man in the viral video circulating on Facebook.

Opposition supporter and singer Leah Navarro on her Twitter post on Tuesday warned the people who shared the video of Paredes on social media for possible charges against them for invading the privacy of the 67-year-old OPM artist.

She believed that people who shared the video of Paredes on social media are worse than her friend who admitted that he made an ‘irresponsible’ move.

“Laughing at my friend Jim Paredes and his predicament doesn’t make you, video thieves and sharers, any better than him,” Navarro said.

Navarro also wished that the sharers of the video receive proper charges.

“You should be charged. You violated his privacy. Karma boomerangs big time,” she said.

In another post, Navarro said that the people who shared it might face a problem anytime soon because they need to explain where they acquired the video.


Meanwhile, a netizen responded to Navarro’s Twitter post, saying that filing a suit against the people who released Paredes’ video on the internet might give another headache to the artist.


“Although she is correct that whoever posted the video online should be charged, this may simply open a can of worms. Like who was he video chatting with when this was filmed? It was probably that person who recorded and uploaded the video.” Facebook page Oliver’s rant said.

According to the law, reproducing a private video without the owner’s consent is illegal.


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