Netizen on Jim Paredes alleged viral video: “Yung makabatikos kasi kay Duterte akala mo naman hindi makasalanan!”

Many netizens reacted on the alleged viral video featuring legendary OPM artist Jim Paredes, one of those people are Noel Landero Sarifa who’s also a known supporter of President Duterte.

Sarifa, who’s known for writing several pro-government posts, reacted on the claims of Paredes that the video circulating on the internet is not him.

However, the netizen was not convinced by the alibi of Paredes, saying that it’s clear that the man on the video was wearing the same ring, have a mole and also got a similar tattoo as the artist got.

Sarifa pointed out that the issue being faced by Paredes only showed that while the critics of Duterte are acting like decent, there’s a possibility that in reality, they’re worse than the President.

“You know what I Love about Duterte? He is honest, not a hypocrite. He didn’t have to sugar coat which he is to impress. I can’t blame others if they hate him. As he said, that is what he is, take it or leave it.” Sarifa said.

“Alam mo ano yung hindi maganda? Those people who condemn him as if he didn’t do anything right and yung mga tao na yun thinks they are very good people. Yung makabatikos akala mo naman hindi makasalanan.” he added.

According to him, he doesn’t see anything wrong with having private videos. However, he saw Paredes as an exemption in his views because the known critic of Duterte was acting that he’s clean before the video circulated on the internet.

“When you call someone Megalomaniac in public and you, yourself is worst, you better just shut up. You will be a joke, sayang yung legacy as a musician, maalala na lang ng taumbayan ang kawalanghiyaan,” he said.

The post of Sarifa already reached 703 reactions and 734 shares on social media as of writing.

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