Tito Sotto slams critics of lowering age of lawbreaking liability: “Pag may nang g*hasa o p*matay na 13 yrs old ok lang?”

Senate President Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto III slammed the critics of the recent action of the Congress to lower the age of Filipinos required to be liable in the bad acts they committed.

From 15 years old, the Congress pushed to lower the age of lawbreaking liability to 9 years old which opposed by the critics of the government.

According to Sotto, the critics of the recent plan of the government should also ask the families of the people who got victimized by teenage lawbreakers.

He also pointed out that even since during former President Manuel Quezon’s time, the age of lawbreaking responsibility was nine years old.

However, Sotto’s proposal is different from the Congress and only pushing to lower it to 12 years old.

“Panahon pa ni Quezon, 9 yrs old na criminal responsibility WHEN ACTING WITH DISCERNMENT. 12 yrs yun bill ko like most countries worldwide. Pag may nang r*pe o pum*tay na 13 yrs old ok lang? Tell that to the parents of d victims.” Sotto said in his tweet.

Sotto also posted some statistics to explain why the government should lower the age of lawbreaking responsibility.

“Minors used as couriers are the least of d problems. It’s the 887 R*pe and M*rder committed by minors in 2017 that those against lowering of age should address. Ano, ganun lang? Many are missing the point.” he said.

He corrected the stats he posted, saying that the 887 cases he mentioned were not included the m*rder cases.

Meanwhile, the Palace said that there’s no problem in both proposals of Congress and Sotto, saying that President Rodrigo Duterte just wanted to reverse the Pangilinan law which according to the chief executive, made the youth worse.

“All he has been saying since the campaign is he wants that lowered. And we will leave that to the lawmakers,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said in a Palace press briefing.

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