Jover Laurio loses in the libel case she filed against a blogger who called her ‘Ogre Lady’

The Office of the City Prosecutor of Makati finally dismissed the libel complaint filed by ‘Pinoy Ako Blog’ owner Jover Laurio against the influencer Franco Mabanta on January 17, 2019.

According to the resolution approved by Senior Deputy City Prosecutor Emmanuel D. Medina, rejected the motion for reconsideration filed by Laurio after they found that the pieces of evidence showed by the blogger was not enough to prove that Mabanta mocked her appearance.

“A thorough re-evaluation of the matter was made wherein this Office arrived at the same conclusion, that is, the pieces of evidence submitted are insufficient to find probable cause to indict respondent with the offense complained of,” the resolution read.

“As it is, the complainant has not forwarded any significant evidence or alleged errors of fact or law that can otherwise give merit to the motion for reconsideration,” it added.

In several posts, Mabanta called Laurio an “Ogre Lady” and “super ugly”.

Several months after the post of Mabanta, Laurio filed a libel complaint against Mabanta and she’s asking “no less than P500,000” for each incident.

“I have suffered moral shock, public ridicule and humiliation, and serious anxiety. For while Mabanta’s claims were false and untrue, it has also led to several other attacks against me,” Laurio wrote in her complaint against Mabanta.

Meanwhile, several Duterte supporters celebrated on the result of the case.

“So legal ang pagka-panget nya?” Janice Bacani Carandang remarked.

Atty. Ahmed G. Paglinawan shared the copy of the resolution to his followers on Facebook.

Hmmmm… This is an emotional.” Paglinawan captioned.

Laurio is also being criticized right now for allegedly accepting money from private people to promote her articles on social media.


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