Kris Aquino admits giving social media funds to Falcis, explains why she instructs him not to attack Marcoses


After several days of being silent about the #PaBoost issue, Kris Aquino finally spoke about the accusations being thrown against her by some Pro-Duterte bloggers.

According to some reports, the #PaBoost issue started when Nicko Falcis, former financial manager of Kris Aquino revealed that he’s giving money to the well-known anti-government blogger Jover Laurio, the owner of Pinoy Ako Blog to promote her articles against several government officials.

The screenshots circulated on the internet showed that Nicko and Laurio spent 18,000 in just one article.

After connecting the dots, several bloggers found that Falcis is using the money of Kris Aquino to fund Jover Laurio’s social media campaigns with an alleged authorization from the host.

In an Instagram reply, Kris Aquino finally admitted that she’s aware of the social media campaigns that she’s funding by the help of Falcis. However, she clarified that she gave several instructions to Falcis not to fund articles against the Marcoses and Dutertes.

“I gave Nicko [Falcis] money to boost, with zero knowledge of my brother when my brother went to Congress to protect him from all trolls,” Kris said, referring to the incident where her brother former President Benigno Aquino III got invited by the Congress to investigate his alleged involvement on the Dengvaxia controversy.

Kris said that former President Noynoy Aquino is not aware of the mentioned social media campaigns and her brother didn’t ever meet her former financial manager.

She also bared the instructions that she gave to Nicko.

“My instructions to Nicko were always clear- kaibigan ko si Bong Go, hindi ko kaaway ang mga Duterte, never attack the Duterte family especially Kitty, wala akong issue sa Marcos children, katuwang ko si Bongbong sa kasal ni toni & paul, law firm ni liza marcos ang nag handle sa nagpapanalo ng annulment ko.” Kris said.

Aquino suspected that the money she gave to Falcis was spent wrongly.

“Now with all the issues – siempre ang hinala ko baka nabulsa din yung pondo.” Kris Aquino said.

She also urged the netizens to stop involving her on the #PaBoost issue.

“Tantanan na ko – I’m also an impossible dreamer, i dream of becoming an Oprah not a Trump,” she said.

Kris Aquino Instagram

Despite the explanation from Kris, several bloggers are not convinced, saying that Laurio wrote and promoted several articles against the Dutertes and Marcoses.

A blogger even pointed out that Kris Aquino’s post proves that even the favorite child of Ninoy Aquino don’t want to criticize the Marcoses on social media despite the fact that their two families have a bitter political rivalry.

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