PNP warns Garin to surrender their firearms or face jail time

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar Albayalde warned Iloilo Representative Richard Garin and his father, Guimbal town Mayor Oscar Garin Sr. that they will be put in jail if they continue to refuse to surrender their firearms.

According to Albayalde, Rep. Richard Garin is not yet surrendering his 11 firearms with some already expired licenses while his father, has eight guns with also expired licenses.

 “According to the PNP-Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO), they have not yet heeded our order although we already informed them yesterday (Thursday) about the matter. We already issued a notice to them that all of their permits have been canceled,” Albayalde said.

“They have expired licenses and if they fail to surrender that, they can be subjected to a search warrant,” he added.

The Garins are facing trouble after they mauled a police officer several days ago.

As a response, the government filed a case against the two powerful politicians, they also canceled their permit to carry and removed their deputation over the local police.

Several hours after the warning of Albayalde, the Garins decided to surrender their firearms.

Photos posted by RMN-Iloilo showed the powerful guns owned by the two Garin.

The Garins are considered as a powerful political family in Iloilo, however, the current administration didn’t show any fear of giving them the right punishment.

President Duterte even angered by the incident.

“I will ask General Año to take a look bakit nagkaganun [why did it happen], investigate. I’m not urging him. I’m ordering him to file a case against the two. Iyong mag-ama na ‘yun [The father and son],” he said.


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