President Rodrigo Duterte visits ill children to give them gifts for Christmas


President Rodrigo Duterte even before he was still the Mayor of Davao City annually visited ill children to give them some gifts this Christmas.

Yesterday, PTV News Mindanao posted photos of the President having bonded with some kids at the Southern Philippine Medical Center in Davao City.

President Duterte who’s known for being tough against criminals showed his soft side while kissing some of the ill children.

He was accompanied by his former aide Christopher ‘Bong’ Go.

Some even can’t stand up because of their weakness, however, it shows how happy are they to be visited by the president.

They also showed some respect to the President who’s like their ‘ninong’ who remembered them this Christmas.

Duterte also prepared some foods for some kids, and also do some fist bump with them.

The President even during the campaign period kept talking about the future generation, an evidence that Duterte is very close to children.

There are also several incidents that the President became emotional for seeing children suffering from illness.

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