Raissa Robles to Catriona Gray: I wonder if a reporter would dare to ask her about the casualties of Duterte’s EJK

After the victory of Catriona Gray in the 2018 Miss Universe held in Thailand, political writer and fact-checker Raissa Robles expressed her curiosity if a reporter would be brave enough to ask the beauty queen about her stance on the Duterte administration’s alleged EJK

Gray is known for being silent about his political beliefs which according to some netizens, helped her to unite the Filipino people during the Miss Universe pageant.

“When @catrionaelisa comes home, I wonder if a reporter would dare to ask her – Your heart goes out to the children of Tondo. How do you feel about children from Tondo becoming ‘collateral damage’ in the President’s war on dr***s? Do you agree they should be treated as such?” Robles tweeted.

Raissa is referring to the alleged EJKs committed by the Duterte administration in Metro Manila, including Tondo.

The tweet of Robles didn’t receive well by the netizens, asking her not to add politics in the middle of the Filipinos celebration on Catriona’s victory.

“Sumali ka muna ng Miss Universe tapos pag nanalo ka. We will ask that question so go, audition na!” @slingbagboy told Raissa Robles.

Facebook user Bubuy Balangue also express his disappointment over the tweet of Robles, calling her as a ‘prime crab’.

“As the rest of the country and the rest of the world are celebrating diversity, humanity, and equality, while there’s an overflowing vibe of positivity and oneness, here goes pseudo-writer Raissa Robles, bursting everyone’s bubble, trying to rain on Catriona’s parade.” Balangue said.

“When Catriona said she’s representing 104M Filipinos, Raissa and her minions are part of that. Didn’t she get the memo? Or at least show her the playback. Here’s the thing, no matter how much you want to dilute our victory, with your ethnicity issues and politicising Catriona’s views, you will NEVER make a dent.” he added.

After receiving thousands of criticisms, Robles clarified that she’s not questioning the advocacy of Gray who’s known for helping the children in the slums in Tondo, Manila.

“You misunderstand my tweet. I am not at all questioning what catrionaelisa has done in Tondo. I want to know her thoughts on EJKs of children, described as collateral damage. That’s all. Since her advocacy is poverty and children.” she said.

She also believed that as a beauty queen, Gray should use her power to influence people.

“EVERYTHING is political. What is politics if not the wielding of power over others? As Beauty Queen, she wields power, whether she likes it or not. Whether you like it or not. It’s a different sort of power from that of a President. But it’s still power -to sway people to action.” Robles said.

Robles is one of the critics of the policies implemented by the Duterte administration.

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