“Surprise!” PNP approaches PUV drivers not to get their licenses but to give them something


Some public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers in Cebu City were surprised after they saw that several members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) stopped them and they thought that they were called because they committed a violation.

However, they don’t know that there’s a surprise waiting for them.

This week, several members of the PNP held a special operation, not to arrest the erring drivers, but to make them remember that the Christmas day is already coming.

Netizen Julia Labor, an of the passenger of one of the PUV that being called by the authorities recorded the happy scene between the driver and the authorities.

At first, the driver quickly coordinated with the authorities and easily give his license to them, however, he doesn’t know that the cops are going to give him some food packages that he can use to celebrate Christmas.

They even sing a Christmas song for the driver while they’re giving the gifts to him.

As of writing the video already reached 2 million views on Facebook.

Another gift-giving operation has been captured by the netizens and uploaded it on Facebook.

Facebook page The Philippine News uploaded a video of cops trying to stop the vehicles passing on them.

Some of the cops in the video even acted like they’re serious in trying to confiscate the licenses of the PUV drivers, however, in the end, they tried to calm the situation and informed them that they’re just doing a gift-giving.

The operation in the second video was headed by Police Station 10 PCINSP. Keith Andaya with Police Advisory Council.

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