Former Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño dares an OFW defender of Duterte: “Uwi ka muna sa Pilipinas!”


Former Bayan Muna Party-list Representative Teddy Casiño engaged into a debate with an Overseas Filipino Worker who was defending President Rodrigo Duterte on the issue on the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Last week, a Twitter page that made to support former Senator Bongbong Marcos posted a tweet against Casiño, saying that the former lawmaker only knows how to protest against other countries who wants friendship with the Philippines.

The tweet gathered the attention of Casiño and called a Pro-Duterte supporter “tangek” for accusing him of being a supporter of the Liberal Party (LP).

“Tangek, kami nga ang nagra-rally nung nasa poder pa ang LP.” Casiño told a Twitter user.

Another netizen also tried to criticize Casiño and told him that the lawmaker is silent during the past administrations about the issue of WPS, however, the latter told the former to do more research.

Meanwhile, a Jeff Juico, the said OFW supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte accused Casiño of being a paid rallyist, which didn’t ignore by the lawmaker.

Casiño challenged Juico to go back to the Philippines to know the truth.

“Ganun ba? Uwi ka dito sa Pilipinas para malaman mo totoo.” Casiño told Juico.

The next response of Juico is a lengthy tweet addressed to Casiño telling the renowned activist that he already went home and witnessed the performance of the Duterte administration.

He also said that during his visit to the Philippines, he realized that the rallyist are part of the countries problem.

“Nakauwi na ko at nakita ko mahusay si PRRD at kayong mga raliyista perwisyo sa lipunan, ilang presidente na dumaan lagi ko kayong nakikitang nagrarally, yun at yun sinisigaw nyo pero hanggang ngayun wala akong nakita na naitulong nyo sa bayan,malinaw hanapbuhay mu yan,” Juico told Casiño.

Casiño refused to reply on Juico’s lengthy tweet.

The debate Twitter battle between Casiño and Juico also reached Facebook and the OFW received some support from his co-Duterte supporters.

Some party-list representatives were being accused of being paid in exchange of their rallies, however, the said groups denied it, saying that they’re doing it for free.

But some netizens are not convinced on how they could finance their rally events and become jobless for a long time.

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