“Dilaw vs Dilaw!” Atty. Jesus Falcis accuses Pinoy Ako Blog owner Jover Laurio of receiving P25,000 monthly from Kris Aquino

Attorney Jesus Falcis, one of the supporters of the opposition revealed something shocking about a pro-opposition blogger who received P25,000 monthly from the renowned talk show host and former Presidential sister Kris Aquino.

The revelation started when the brother of Atty. Jesus, Nicko Falcis has been sued by Aquino for allegedly stealing millions of pesos from the talk show host.

The lawyer, who defended his brother from the accusations said that unlike the other pro-opposition bloggers, he didn’t receive any money from a certain ‘crazy rich Asian’ referring to Kris Aquino.

“Baka ang narinig mong bayarang dilawang blogger eh yung isa. Kung yun, tama ka. 25k a month mula kay Crazy Rich.” Falcis said in his Twitter post.

Several days ago, some Pro-Duterte bloggers revealed that the ‘dilawang blogger’ being mentioned by Falcis is the owner of the pro-opposition Facebook page ‘Pinoy Ako Blog’ owned by Jover Laurio.

Sass Rogando Sasot also addressed Laurio on her Facebook post, asking her two questions about her alleged payroll

1. Jesus Falcis, the brother of Nicko who allegedly stole millions from Kris Aquino, claimed that a YELLOW BLOGGER receives 25K/month from Kris Aquino. Since, YOU are the only Yellow blogger out in the open, are you receiving 25K/month from Kris Aquino? If you’re not the yellow blogger Jesus Falcis was referring to, what can you say about Falcis’ claim?

2. Jesus Falcis recently said that Yellow bloggers shouldn’t comment on his brother, otherwise he would consider them as “crossing the line.” Why haven’t you crossed the line?

Sasot also said that Falcis might already be answered how Jover Laurio funded her paid posts on Facebook to promote her articles.

Laurio also released a statement on the accusations of Falcis against her, saying that she never received money from Aquino.

“Now I am accused of receiving 25k a month. For the record, she is my friend for a long time now. I just don’t talked about it, kasi ayokong madamay siya sa pambabashed sa akin. Ang mga close ko lang na kaibigan at kapamilya ang nakaalam ng fact na ito. Dinedepensahan ko nga ang mga kandidato na iba na hindi naman ako kilala, yung isang kaibigan pa kaya?” Laurio said.

“Wala akong natatanggap na bayad na 25k a month na galing sa kahit na sinong Poncio Pilato,” she said.



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