Foreign Secretary Locsin slams netizen who criticizes Duterte’s looks: “P****** ina this is not fashion show!”


Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. despite being the top diplomat of the Philippines showed that he was still a human being and lost his cool when a netizen criticized President Rodrigo Duterte’s outfit at the 33rd Association of Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in Singapore.

BlackHeart0902 on Twitter slammed President Rodrigo Duterte, saying that the Chief Executive should wear proper attire during the said meeting, he even said that Locsin’s outfit is better than his boss.

The netizen noticed that Duterte’s suit was lopsided in the photo, with one side raised above the shoulder.

“Sana man lang binihisan nila ng maayos ang Pangulo. This is an important summit, tapos ganyan. Mas mayos pa ang suot ni DFA Sec. @teddyboylocsin,” the netizen said.

The comment of the said netizen didn’t receive well by Locsin and started to use his favorite word on Twitter when expressing his disappointment or anger.

“Hoy, p*t*ngina, this is not a fashion show. Today I am going in rolled up sleeves barong kasi working sessions lahat. Sh*t. Nobody came in a tuxedo. Hindi sila waiters,” he said.

As of writing, Locsin’s tweet was nowhere to be found.

Locsin is known for cursing on Twitter even before he became a public official.

Most netizens also agree with the opinion of Locsin, saying that people should not focus on the looks of the President.

The President is known for being simple and hates wearing formal attire, that’s why his supporters understand that Duterte is not familiar with fashion.


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