Freelance Programmer wishes the tired President to pass away: “M*m*tay ka na po!”

Be careful of what you’re posting on social media.

The netizens are mobbing a Freelance Programmer right now on Facebook after he wished President Rodrigo Duterte to perish after Manila Bulletin reported about the Chief Executive’s power naps in the middle of the 33rd ASEAN Summit held in Singapore.

In the report, Malacanang admitted that Duterte took several naps during the said event, saying that the President only slept for three hours because of work-related duties.

“Last night, the President worked late and had only less than three hours of sleep. It is unfortunate that the first event scheduled today was at 8:30 a.m.,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said.

Duterte who’s the oldest President in the history of our country admitted before that he’s already sick and tired of being the leader of the Philippines, however, he kept doing his job as the people trusted him to lead.

However, some people instead of showing their support to the President are still wishing Duterte to be ill and finally take a rest like a netizen identified as Gilbert GK, a Freelance Programmer from Binondo, Manila.

In his comment in the said article, GK wished the President to pass away and called him useless for choosing to sleep than attending the crucial meetings during the ASEAN summit.

“Maraming salamat po Pangulong Du30 sa pagiging p****** ***** Walang ka kwenta kwentang presidente, Mam*tay ka na po!” GK said in his comment.

The comment of GK didn’t receive well by the netizens and criticized him for saying that kind of words to the President.


Because of the backlash, GK chose to delete his controversial comment. However, it was already too late for him to escape from the backlash as the netizens already got a copy of his comment.

Despite the political difference, people should still respect the President like how we respect old people.

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