Danish Ambassador slams PH Media’s “lack of professionalism” and for always writing negative news about the government


Danish Ambassador to the Philippines Jan Top Christensen slammed the mainstream media in the Philippines for prioritizing in publishing negative news about the country especially if it’s about the government and politics.

Christensen who spoke before a multi-stakeholder meeting on the safety of journalist said that the news that he’s been reading every day was always negative.

“I read much different media every day and I must say some of these media are systematically negative,” Christensen said.

He also pointed out that the media failed to promote what the government is doing and called them unprofessional.

Christensen also added that some journalists are not following the standards in writing news.

“To me, it’s lack of ethical standards, lack of professionalism,” he said.

However, the envoy said that he recognized the dangers of being a journalist in the Philippines, citing what happened in Maguindanao in 2009.

Christensen is only one of the people who complained about how Philippine media negatively portrayed the country.

Even President Rodrigo Duterte itself criticized several media outlets for writing negative news about him.

One example is when President Duterte slammed social media website Rappler and accused them of spreading fake news.

“You can stop your suspicious mind from roaming somewhere else. But since you are a fake news outlet and I am not surprised your articles are also fake, we can debate. Now tell me where are our lies and tell me where are yours,” Duterte said during his final faceoff with Pia Ranada of Rappler.

Ranada was banned from interviewing the President and entering the premises of Malacanang.

Duterte also said that he would “object” the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN after he accused the media giant of stealing his money during the 2016 campaign period.

“Hindi ko palusutin. Iyong franchise niyo matatapos. But let me ask you questions first. Kasi ako talaga mag-object na ma-renew kayo. Alam mo bakit? Magnanakaw kayo, estapador,” Duterte said.

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