Lea Salonga, Jed Madela slams people who neglected the Yolanda donations: “Shame on you!”

Two artists expressed their disgust over the neglect committed by the Aquino administration on the goods donated by other countries for the Yolanda victims.

On October 3, Bureau of Customs (BOC) destroyed tons of donation from Belgium, U.S, and Norway because of being expired.

The goods were donated in 2014 and declared as abandoned in June 2017 since the donors and consignees did not get an exemption from the payment of taxes and duties from the Department of Finance which is needed before the shipment will be released.

These donations, including used clothing, diapers, and medical supplies could help thousands of Yolanda victims who were very needy during those time.

The news reached Lea Salonga who expressed her anger over what happened to the Yolanda donations.

She blamed the red tape for what happened to the donations.

“I guess my reserves of rage go deeper than I thought. Haaaaaaaaaaay nakuuuuuuuuu. Thanks, red tape. Thanks for nothing.” Salonga said in her post.

“Trying to find the words to express my feelings…. it’s like finding cotton candy in a cloud.” Salonga told one of her friends.

Her Facebook friends also expressed her anger, because the government did not give any exemption to the donations although thousands of Yolanda victims needed it.

“Never distributed because donors did not apply for tax exemption”?????!!!! WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFEEEEEEKKKK” Luz Lor said.

What they must really mean was the Phil government didn’t get enough BRIBES to have any incentives to actually help the Filipino people who were already suffering , while these corrupt politicians sit high and safe and dry in their castles” she added.

Blogger Maia Villapañe also shared her insights on what the government really did during the Yolanda aftermath.

“You know what’s even more infuriating? The officials at that time still insist they were on top of things and that they did their best to help everyone. If this is their best, I wouldn’t be surprised if the typhoon victims demand their heads on pikes.” Villapañe said.

She also narrated how Davao City quickly helped the Yolanda victims.

“I’m from Cagayan de Oro, we experienced firsthand what their brand of help was like when Sendong hit. The first responders were the people of Davao City, complete with search and rescue teams, perfectly packed relief goods, and no epal politician names stamped on them. Where were the officials responsible for coordination of relief goods distribution? Nowhere. And someone had the gall to say he wasn’t going to cancel his Christmas party at Malacañang just because it would be embarrassing for the guests.” she said.

Even artist Jed Madela expressed his anger against the people who were responsible for what happened to the Yolanda donations.

Nakakahiya!!! Shame on whoever caused this! Shame on you!” Madela said.

In response, Lea Salonga said that “Karma needs a double espresso.”

Madela also wants the people who neglected the donation should be put on curse.

‘Oo nga! Sana whoever is behind this waste, everything they put in their mouth will taste like garbage!” Madela said.

Until today, critics blamed the Aquino administration for what happened to the donations and still asking why the government didn’t exempt it from paying taxes.

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