‘Serial underwear stealer’ caught on CCTV camera

After news magazine show ‘Kapuso Mo Jessica Sojo’ (KMJS) featured a mysterious underwear stealer roaming around Guimaras Island, netizens became aware that there are some people who are weird enough to commit such offense to fulfill their fantasies.

In the said episode, residents of Guimaras complained about their missing underwears.

After 18 years of searching for a clue, one resident found the biggest hint that might lead them to the identity of the culprit.

The said resident found hundreds of underwear buried in a forest near the residential area of Guimaras.

KMJS team also tried to catch the culprit by putting CCTV cameras around the Barangay, however, they were failed to spot the panty stealer.

According to some experts, the underwear stealers might be suffering on Underwear fetishism and they badly needed to receive medical treatment.

After the said episode has been televised, several Facebook pages claimed that they possessed the CCTV footage that will unmask the serial underwear stealer.

One page, ‘Boy Status’ posted a CCTV footage showing a man trying to sneak in the house of his victim.

Instead of stealing expensive gadgets or appliances, the said man in the CCTV chose to loot an underwear.

According to the said Facebook page, the footage was taken in the exact Barangay in Guimaras which KMJS featured.

As of writing, the video already reached 200,000 views on social media, however, we found out that the footage was originally uploaded in 2017 and the exact place where the footage was taken is still unknown.


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