Joma Sison praises Leni Robredo: Mas matalino kang di hamak kay Duterte!

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Chairman Jose Maria Sison praised Vice President Leni Robredo amid the series of criticisms received by the latter against President Rodrigo Duterte.

President Duterte called the Vice President “incompetent” several times saying that Robredo cannot solve the problem of the Philippines and claimed that Naga City, the hometown of the opposition leader was infested by illegal drugs.

However, the views of Sison to Robredo was far different than Duterte believing that the Vice President is incompetent and “far more intelligent” than the President.

In his twitter post, Sison praised Robredo who opposed the statement of Duterte that the Philippines is better to be led by a dictator.


“Leni Robredo is far more intelligent, honest and competent than a Duterte who has gone out of his mind by worshipping and emulating the fascist dictatorship and corruption of Marcos, Sison said.

However, some pro-Duterte supporters believed that the reason why Sison supported Robredo is because of the ‘weak’ personality of the Vice President.

According to the Facebook page Crabbler, a weak President could be advantageous to the CPP-NPA-NDF to take over the country.


“Joma likes Leni because he knows she’s weak. If she was President, the NPA will easily take over. Baka nga magpameryenda pa ‘yan sa kanila sa takot.” Sison said.

Sison led CPP-NPA-NDF and urged the Duterte government to release almost 400 political prisoners, some involved in committing heinous crimes.

However, the relationship between Sison and Duterte turned sour after the latter turned down the demands of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

The two also engaged in a series of word war.


Last week, Sison claimed that Duterte is in comatose, to debunk the accusations of the communist founder, the latter appeared in a Facebook live and told his former Professor that he is “dying”.



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