Senator Pacquiao has been diagnosed to have an ‘congenital heart problem’ before his match against Lucas Mattyhse


“Pray for Manny Pacquiao” this is what sports analyst and journalist Chino Trinidad told his followers after he shared the bad news about the health condition of the ‘pambansang kamao.’

He got the news from Pacquiao’s chief publicist Aquiles Zonio, saying that the only eight weight division champion in the world has an inborn heart problem which affected his preparation against Mattyhse.

According to Zonio’s article in, Senator Manny Pacquiao went ‘through a painful medical procedure’ called angiogram to determine why he experienced difficulties in breathing during his training.

He also revealed that Senator Manny Pacquiao has been rushed to Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital in Manila around 3:00 p.m, one week before his fight against the Argentinian boxer.

“Nobody knew about this – not even a single member of his training team or immediate members of his family. He didn’t want any member of his family to worry, the reason why he kept it to himself.” Zonio said in his article.

Zonio also narrated the procedure faced by Pacquiao.

“During the procedure, a long and thin flexible tube called a catheter was inserted into Pacquiao’s wrist all the way up to his heart. A dye was injected and x-ray pictures were taken.” he said.

“Based on the medical information, the special dye allows the X-rays to capture pictures of coronary arteries and highlights where the clogs or narrowed spots may be located,” he added.

Post from Chino Trinidad’s Facebook page.

After the examination, the doctor told Pacquiao about the bad news and gave him an advise to stop his upcoming fight against Mattyhse.

However, Senator Pacquiao defied the orders of his doctors and went to Malaysia to defeat Matthysse.

“I was required to run on a thread mill then an ECG was conducted. The result was quite amazing. The result showed that my heart rate and rhythm improve as my physical activity increases,” Pacquiao bared.

The bad news made the close friends of Pacquiao saddened after hearing that there’s something wrong with his heart.

“The entire medical procedure was finished around 3:00 a.m. on July and at around 7:00 a.m., we flew back to General Santos. Those who were with me were saddened and crying. But I told them, don’t worry, I’ll be okay and I’ll do everything to win the fight,” Pacquiao claimed.

“Buboy cried hard upon learning what happened. But I told him to stay strong and continue what he was doing. God will take care of the rest,” Pacquiao said.

Bombo Radyo Gensan also made an interview with Senator Pacquiao where the latter admitted the news.

Despite his condition, he won against Lucas Matthysse by TKO, but his fans and friends, including President Rodrigo Duterte urged him to retire from boxing.

“He’s already 39, not because he cannot win or lose, but I like to see my friend rest on his laurels at this time and enjoy life,” Duterte said.

“He (Pacquiao) has so much money already, no problem,” the President quipped.

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