Travel vlogger Nas Daily responds to a fan from U.P who urges him to feature Duterte’s war on drugs: “I’m not visiting countries to be a political analyst”

Travel vlogger who was known as “Nas Daily” is one of the most prominent social media personality this 2018 and he got fans in every country that he visited.

Nas for the second time, visited the Philippines again which he labeled as the “most lovable country” next to Malta.

His video quickly gained 170,000 reactions and 100,000 shares from his fans.

Some of his Filipino fans didn’t waste the opportunity to thank Nas for his contribution to promoting the Philippines.

However, one Filipino fan of Nas tried to convince the prominent video blogger to feature “politics” in the Philippines.

It seems that the fan wanted to use Nas’ tremendous amount of audience to demote the Philippines by bringing up negative issues than promoting the country by spreading good vibes.

The student from University of the Philippines, in her comment, urged Nas to feature some of the issues being faced by the Philippines including the West Philippine Sea and anti-drug campaign.

“Dud, try to make a video about the politics behind alleged ‘ownership’, and claims behind some of the islands, as well as the policies being implemented. You’ll see just how much ‘love’ the leaders have for this country.” The netizen told Nas.

“Try looking up ‘Scarborough Shoal’, ‘Chinese navy seizing small-town fisherfolk catch’, ‘anti-drug campaign’, etc,”  she added.

Photo: Screencap from Nas Daily’s comment section.

Obviously, Nas who’s known for only spreading positive topics on Facebook refused the request of his fan.

The vlogger explained that he’s not a political analyst to talk about politics in his blog and also he was already fed up with the politics in his home country.

“Every country I go to has the same issues. I’m not visiting countries to be a political analyst. My home country has enough shit politics to last me a lifetime.” Nas told his fan.

Photo: Screencap from Nas Daily’s comment section.

The reply of Nas to his fan received 10,000 reactions as of writing, mostly from the Filipinos who are also tired of talking about politics.

hahaha too bad Nas is not the type who’d fall for your trap. He just said disregard politics and traffic. Don’t be a crab, join the fun!” netizen Jon Quebral said.

“You really had to bring this up.. Seriously..” Netizen Em Jay commented.

“Why on earth are you talking about politics when Nas is talking about us Filipinos being hospitable and lovable? Nas! You and Alynn should visit Cebu. Pleaaaaase!!” Netizen Angelica Marie Angus remarked

The lesson for today: Don’t ask a travel blogger to talk about politics.

Thank you, Nas for promoting the Philippines!

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